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Hi there,  I’m Arik Chan a professional tennis coach with a passion for photography.

I started photography in the mid 70s as I was fascinated with the photos on some magazines passed to me by a colleague.  I was not able to take up photography then as a simple camera could cost me a month’s wage.

It was only in 1985 that I attended a Basic Photography course conducted by Mr Yip Hoi Kee our Police Photography Club advisor.

Those days, if you are able to take slides (chromes) you are considered a good photographer then as you cant crop or edit your images.  You need to be pinpoint accurate in your composition and exposure!  For those who really treasure the way of the “original images” where no editing is done,  do join me here:

I had always wanted to do photography after my stint with the Singapore Police Force contract ends but it didn’t work out as planned.  Before my contract with the SPF ended I met a friend Sjaiful Sharrin who got me into tennis coaching and it has since then been the bread and butter for me.  My heart is still with photography but after a few ventures and thousands of dollars down the drain, I realised tennis is my bread and butter and photography iis just a passion.  Never to late to learn and thanking God for it 🙂

Hoping to sell some images here in my free time as I have shot tons of them over the years during my travel.

I conduct photography classes under Singapore People’s Assosiation with the Skills Future program and can always customise classes for your private group too.